Eric E. Menge

Game Designer, Writer, Campaign Lead

I am a freelance writer with 20 years of experience writing fantasy stories, designing and editing role-playing game (RPG) adventures, playtesting, and administering organized-play campaigns. I have a passion for lore-rich stories with twists on familiar tropes. I also bring a splash of whimsy to my games and writing.


Baldman Games Moonshae Story Architect (2019-2021)

I was the story architect for Baldman Games for the Rising Shadows story arc. I developed the plotline, worked with the trilogy leads to recruit authors, edited submitted drafts, reviewed game mechanics, and ensured compliance with deadlines and WotC style. Over the course of the Rising Shadows story arc, I was responsible for 20 trilogies consisting of 60 adventures, and 10 multi-table specials. The adventures are consistently best sellers

Living Greyhawk Core Adventure Administrator (2006-2008)

As the adventure administrator for Honor Among Thieves, an adventure arc for the Living Greyhawk Campaign, I developed the plotline, recruited authors, edited submitted drafts, reviewed game mechanics, and ensured compliance with deadlines and WotC style.

Living Greyhawk Regional Administrator (2001-2005)

As the administrator for the Mid-Atlantic Region, I designed a 5-year storyline, recruited authors, edited drafts, reviewed game mechanics, ensured compliance with deadlines and WotC style, and coordinated with local conventions. During my tenure, our region was one of the most active and released the following:

  • 44 D&D adventures, with 164 active players in 2001 and 1,145 active players in 2005
  • 20 interactives, with 81 players participating in 2001 and 270 players participating in 2005
  • 147 interludes, totaling 362 pages


The Games Tavern

I am the Dungeon Master for Season 3 of the long-running streaming game The Velkyn Weave on the Games Tavern channel. In this campaign, I ran the adventurers through the Night Below campaign set by the legendary Carl Sargent.

Lord Gosumba

I have participated as a player in Two Drink Minimum and Barrier Gyks, two of the streaming games on the Lord Gosumba channel. I’ve also participated in a number of his Legend & Lore shows, discussing the lore of Greyhawk.


RPG Adventure Author

The RPGA and the Adventurers League are the role-playing arm of organized play at Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and is dedicated to providing play opportunities and support for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) games. Designing adventures for these campaigns requires imagination, story-telling skills, knowledge of game rules, and attention to detail. I worked closely with editors, complied with WotC’s style, and met deadlines in a time-critical industry.

Adventurers League (2014-Present)

The Adventurers League is the official 5th Edition D&D organized-play campaign and is set in the best-selling world of the Forgotten Realms. I designed the following adventures:

    Moonshae Adventures
  • MOON2-3 The Eye in the Mist
  • MOON11-3 A Darkened Heart
  • MOON19-3 The Castle of Mirrors

    Moonsea Adventures
  • PHLAN02-03 The Royal We
  • ELMW1-1 Sage of Cormanthor
  • ELMW2-1 Missing Blades

Living Forgotten Realms (2008-2014)

Living Forgotten Realms was the official 4th Edition D&D RPGA campaign and is set in the best-selling world of the Forgotten Realms. I designed the following adventures:

  • AKAN1-02 The Depths of Airspur
  • MINI1-02 The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords
  • QUES1-01 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries

Living Greyhawk (2001-2008)

Living Greyhawk was the official 3rd Edition D&D RPGA campaign and is set in the original D&D world of Greyhawk. I designed the following adventures:

    Core Adventures
  • COR7-04 A Freak of Nature
  • COR7-012 Heart’s Desire
  • COR8-12 Foundations

    Grand Duchy of Geoff Regional Adventures
  • GEO1-03 Gifts of the Fey (with Sholom West)
  • GEO2-06 Summer’s Passing (with Diane Hazlett)
  • GEO3-06 Rite of Eternal Spring (with Diane Hazlett)
  • GEO4-03 Grace as Pure as Snow (with Diane Hazlett)
  • GEO5-02 Love as Bright as Blood (with Diane Hazlett)
  • GEO5-03 Weight of Words (with Brad Lester)
  • GEO5-05 A Key with No Teeth (with Brad Lester)
  • GEO5-07 Bound in Clockwork (with Brad Lester)
  • GEO5-08 Sorrow as Deep as Night (with Diane Hazlett)

Legacy of the Green Regent (2004)

Set in the Forgotten Realms, Legacy of the Green Regent was the first RPGA campaign to feature online tracking of characters and adventure outcomes. I designed the following adventure:

  • LGR7 Nurture and Nature


Dungeons & Dragons (2011)

Under contract from WotC, I cowrote with Brian James a hardcover D&D-setting book that described how to use the famous drow city of the Underdark as a location for campaign.

  • Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue

Dragon Magazine (2011-2012)

I developed and wrote a number of articles for Dragon Magazine, exploring the Forgotten Realms.

  • Backdrop: Daggerdale
  • Backdrop: Suzail
  • Backdrop: Ten Towns (unpublished)

The Greyhawk Grumbler (2008)

I developed and wrote The Greyhawk Grumbler, a tabloid-style broadsheet designed to entertain players while informing them of recent events in the Living Greyhawk campaign world.

  • The Greyhawk Grumbler #1
  • The Greyhawk Grumbler #2
  • The Greyhawk Grumbler #3

Mysterious Places (2007-2008)

I wrote several online articles for WotC. These articles explored aspects of the Living Greyhawk campaign setting, providing background information, memorable characters, and adventure opportunities.

  • Druids of the Old Faith
  • The StoneRing of Greyhawk

Legacy of the Green Regent (2003-2005)

I wrote a several articles providing exposition for the Legacy of the Green Regent Campaign as well as a series summarizing adventures that were no longer available for play.

  • Legacy of the Green Regent Backstory

Geoff Regional Interludes (2001-2005)

One of the most popular developments I made while a Living Greyhawk administrator was the development of the Geoff Regional interludes. These short narratives provided exposition for players and advanced the plot of the campaign. While I wrote many of these myself, I recruited authors to assist me and edited their work.

  • Geoff Regional Interludes


I have playtested RPGs for both WotC and Atlas Games for its Ars Magica line. These playtests required reviewing drafts, playing scenarios, testing the rules, and providing detailed reports of our experiences.

  • 4th Edition D&D
  • Ars Magica books: Art and Academe, The Lion and the Lily: The Normandy Tribunal, Realms of Power: Faerie, Lords of Men

Maker of Soups

I really enjoy soup, both making it and eating it. I make my own chicken stock and vegetable broth as the base for my soups. Below are some of my favorites.

  • Borscht
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Garden Vegetable
  • Manhattan Clam Chowder
  • Roasted Tomato