Mythmakers is a small, independent publishing house of writers, artists, and coders who are dedicated to publishing high-quality speculative fiction in a variety of media. We seek to create stories with strong and diverse characters, compelling plots, and rich settings. Mythmakers is an LLC, founded in 2013. We are based in Virginia.

Mythmakers‘ first project is the graphic novel Snow by Night, a tale of colonial fantasy that follows a nature spirit on a quest to find her heart. We released the Tattered Weave, our second major project, in 2016. The Tattered Weave combines an interactive story with a digital community for a unique and engaging experience.

Snow by Night

Snow by Night is an ongoing graphic novel that updates pages three times a week. New Story pages are posted on Monday and Wednesday.

Tattered Weave

The Tattered Weave is a social forum site where you explore a world riven by chaos, make friends with the elusive kith, play games to earn prizes, and craft items.

Final Arcanum

Final Arcanum is a webcomic about a sky pirate who fell from the sky and his journey to discover himself. It is a fully completed, two volume series.


Eric Menge is an author, publisher, and game-designer. Under duress he will admit that he is also an attorney, specializing in contract and technology law.


Diane is a queer girl who, once upon a time, was saved by a story. Now she hopes to help others in need of a story that tells them they matter.


Steph is a freelance illustrator who never quite grew out of cartoons and comic books. Most of her time is spent drawing and spoiling her two rabbits.

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